Storm Damage

Trust Us for Your Storm Damage Restoration

Nature doesn’t give much warning for major storms like tornadoes, blizzards, and hail storms. These can have a devastating impact on your home. Our team is ready and equipped to handle any storm damage that nature has brought your way.

There are many different ways that storms can impact your Twin Cities home. At Acreage Restoration, we can help with all of your storm damage needs. From missing singles to hail damaged siding, we’ve got the supplies and skilled professionals to repair any damage and make sure your home is safe and sound.

Why Choose Us for Storm Damage Needs?

  • Quick and Reliable Service – Our team can move quickly and get someone out to your home for a free inspection quickly after the damage has occurred.
  • Highly Trained Professionals – Our team is highly skilled with years of experience. We are experienced, efficient, and dependable to get the job done for you and your family.
  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded – Our team has all the necessary protections to make sure your home is best cared for. Avoid those contractors that aren’t legitimate.
  • Easier Claims Process – Our team will help you navigate the insurance claims process and make it a quicker, easier process by helping to coordinate all the necessary paperwork.

Insurance claims

Storm damage from most storms is covered under your home or business insurance policies. There will be varying specifics like the amount you are responsible for on deductibles and premium, the extent of the damage, and the age of your home. 

It’s important to contact us to help you file a claim quickly so you can take advantage of the benefits from your policy. Our team works with insurance companies every day, so we can help get you through this process and simplify it for you.

Top of the line materials

Our installation professionals use top of the line materials to repair your storm damage. From siding repairs to roof replacements, we’ve got all the best materials to get your Twin Cities home fixed up and in great shape.


Contact us. We are here to help.